Slim, Low Profile LEDBARII Housing Selection Guide

Use the Following Guide to Assist you in selecting the right housing type for your slim, low-profile LED lighting system.

Our entire range of slim, low-profile LEDBARs are excellent solution for under-cabinet LED lighting installations, in closets, display cases, and more. Choose from (4) different housing types that are best suited to your application.

Housing type A features a slim body with shallow depth that allows it to be discreetly installed under cabinets, inside display cases, for shelf-lighting, and more. It is also a popular solution for cove-lighting applications where there is limited space within the cove. At just over 1/4" thick, this profile can create beautiful and dramatic lighting, all while being discreetly positioned.
  Housing type B features the same slim body as A, but with added depth to fully diffuse the LED diodes housed within. B is a completely "dotless" LED light bar. Aluminum Profile B is an excellent solution for applications where the LED light bar will be visible. Use for under-cabinet kitchen LED lighting applications, inside closets and glass display cases, and more. Type B can also be used inside coves, under bars and shelves for discreet dotless LED lighting.
  Housing type K features a 90 degree light output with a quarter-circle lens. Type K is an excellent solution for display-case and retail lighting applications. Aluminum Profile K can also be used for certain LED cove lighting applications as it can fully, and evenly illuminate coves.
  Aluminum Profile O2 is our ultra-slim LED Bar offering, at only 0.40" thick, it provides a powerful, discreet line of dotless LED lighting with a extremely narrow foot-print. O2 can be used for decorative lighting purposes, creating a dramatic "streak" of light in the space. It can also be used under cabinets, inside display cases, and is very popular for shelf LED lighting.