LEDBARII 49"-60" Built-to-Size, 90 degree, Squared Lens Linear LED Fixture

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Our LEDBARIIL60 is a 12VDC Medium-High Output Turn Key Linear LED Fixture/Bar (3 Watts foot).LEDBARIIL output light at a 45 degree angle. Light comes out from 90 degrees, makes it an excellent showcase lighting solution. Popular for retail and closet linear LED lighting projects. LEDBARIIL comes with an L-shaped, squared lens. The Commercial Grade LED strip sits at 45 degree angle. Bulit-to-order any size up to 60".Our LEDBARII60 uses our Commercial Grade 12VDC 3528 120/M LED Strip. This fixture is built to size (enter size under "Product Options." It is a great lighting solution for cabinet LED lighting, linear task LED lighting, showcases, displays, or other linear LED lighting applications. Install in minutes. Our linear LED fixtures are turn-key, bespoke, linear lighting solution, therefore allow 5-10 business days for fabrication. For rush orders, or customized configurations contact-us at: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM | EST or email us: sales@GlowbackLED.com

LEDBARIIL60: DOTLESS Surface Mounted, Aluminum Profile L (Squared L-Shaped Lens)

49"- 60" Linear LED Fixture
Please ensure you enter your desired size

  • up to 1500 lumens (300 lumens/ft)
  • Available any size 49" to 60"
  • 8ft of wire and our smart-connectors included with every bar
  • Connect multiple bars to one Power Supply
  • Dimmable
  • DOTLESS Fixture (w/ frosted Lens)
  • LED strip sits at 45° angle
  • Retail and Closet Linear LED lighting
  • Commercial Grade LED's
  • TURN KEY Linear Lighting Solution: Built to your specs
  • High Color Rendering (>90)
  • 12-15 Watts (1A-1.25A)
  • 50,000+ hour lifetime
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

LEDBARII60 is a perfect solution for custom under-cabinet, over-cabinet, and inside cabinet linear LED lighting. Specify your size in inches from 49" to 60" Connect multiple LEDBARII's to one dimmable or non-dimmable LED driver. Use for task-lighting, restaurant and hospitality linear LED lighting. Great LED task lighting solution for busy bars and server stations, can be dimmed to desired brightness. Use in kitchens, closets, under-shelf lighting; use in bathrooms, vanities, pantries and more. There are endless applications for turn-key linear LED fixtures. Profiles K and L hold Commercial Grade LED strips at a 45 degree angle. Excellent display and showcase lighting solution. Use in closets, and in cabinets for task lighting.

Install in Minutes using mounting clips. Screw clips onto surface and easily snap linear LEDBAR into place. Connect to 12VDC LED driver. Connect Multiple bars using guide.

GlowbackLED™ Commercial Grade Linear LED Fixture/Bar Advantage
  1. Quality: Commercial Grade Linear LED Fixtures are built to order with top-quality, commercial grade components. Our linear LED bars are built by professionals for professionals for quality linear LED lighting solutions.
  2. Dependability: Commercial Grade linear LED fixtures are built with top-quality, lasting components. Our line of LEDBAR's are designed to last 50,000 until they've dimmed to 70% of their original brightness.
  3. Color Rendering: High Color Rendering (>90) means your space and objects show their true vivid colors. Inexpensive LED alternatives will dull the appearance of objects they illuminate.
  4. Efficiency: Our Commercial Grade Linear LED strips boast industry leading efficiency. Delivering 85 lumens/Watt
  5. Safety: Our Commercial Grade linear LED fixtures are built with tested high quality components for optimal thermal control and electrical over-stress protection. All Commercial Grade Linear LED fixtures/bars are Class-2 compliant.
  6. Turn-Key Solution: GlowbackLED™ specializes in customized lighting solutions. We have the biggest selection of commercial, architectural, and specification grade LED strips on the market. We manufacture lighting products to your specs, for a bespoke LED lighting solution Contact-Us: sales@glowbackLED.com or 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST
LEDBARII Cut to Size 49"-60", Medium-High Light Output 300 lumens/ft.
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/Product Specs

Model # LEDBARIIK&LXX (49"to 60")
Manufacturer GlowbackLED™
Lamp Source LED
LED Type Commercial Grade 3528 120/M
Input Voltage 12VDC
Power Output 12 Watt (1.0 A) - 15 Watts (1.25 A)
Lumen Output 300 lumens/foot (Clear Lens)
Efficiency 85 lumens/watt
Color Rendering CRI > 90
Color Temperature 2500K(Amber Warm)
3000K (Warm)
4500K (Natural White)
6500K (Bright White)
Mount Type Clip Installation
components required
TRIAC (Phase-Dimmable)
Warranty 3-Year Limited Warranty
50,000+ LED Lifetime
Returns No Returns or Exchanges on Built-to-Size Linear LED Fixtures
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Slim-Low Profile Surface Mounted Linear LED Fixture

  • LED Cabinet Lighting
  • LED Under Cabinet Lighting
  • LED Over Cabinet Lighting
  • LED In Cabinet Strip Lighting
  • LED Under Cabinet Linear Lighting
  • LED Over Cabinet Linear Strip Lighting
  • LED Shelf Lighting
  • LED Shelving Lighting
  • LED Linear under Shelf Strip Lighting
  • LED Linear Over Shelf Strip Lighting
  • Professional Linear LED Strip Lighting
  • Class-2 Linear LED Strip Lighting
  • Hospitality Linear LED Strip Lighting
  • Restaurant Linear LED Lighting
  • Restaurant Under Bar Linear Task Lighting
  • Restaurant Server Station Linear Task Lighting
  • Restaurant Kitchen Linear Task Lighting
  • LED Linear Hotel Lighting
  • Residential Cove Lighting
  • Linear Cove Lighting
  • Linear Commercial Strip Cove Lighting
  • Good Color Rendering Linear LED Cove Lighting
  • LED Strip Lighting for Bars
  • LED Linear Lighting for Hotel Cove Lighting
  • Linear LED Strip Lighting for Office Task Lighting
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