24V 36W Adapter Power Supply Suitable for Powering up to 3 LED Cabinet Bars

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Use our pre-configured 24V 36W plug-and-play Adapter with 3 Smart Connectors to seamlessly power up to 3 of our NEW 24V LED Cabinet Bars. Our power supply can be connected directly to any outlet in order to start using your LED Cabinet Bars. By using these pre-configured power supplies with our LED Cabinet Bars, one is able to achieve a full plug-and-play installation without having to worry about making any complicated electrical connections and making any mistakes.


  • 3-Way Inputs for full Plug-and-Play Installation

  • Compact and Durable Metal Housing

  • Flicker-Free! Smooth Light Output with No Visible Flicker

  • Suitable for Dry or Damp Locations

  • Smart Connectors for Reliable Connection Points

  • Comes with Power Cord Attached for Easy Installation!

  • Universal Voltage Input Accepts 100-240VAC

  • Guaranteed by our 5-Year Warranty

Quick Specs


3.7 Inch x 1.9 Inch x 1.3 Inch

Input Voltage


Output Voltage


Output Power







Indoor Use Only


UL-Listed, Class-2, RoHs

Power Supply Operation

LED Power Supplies convert the source or line voltage of your space to either 12 or 24V DC needed to operate your low-voltage LED strips, LED Bars, or LED Panels. Power Supplies, also known as "LED Drivers" have a rated input voltage and output wattage. We reccomend limiting your load (the sum of the wattage of all the lighting connected) to 80% of the output wattage of the Power Supply. All residences in the US have 110/120VAC line voltage circuits for lighting, but certain commercial spaces have 277VAC lighting circuits. Verify that your Power Supply is rated for 277VAC input voltage if your space requires a 277VAC compatible Power Supply. TRIPLE CHECK YOUR CONNECTIONS before powering up a power-supply, inadertently feeding high voltage to a low-voltage LED strip will cause them to fail. Certian power supplies use the European standard for wire coloring: Brown is Line/"Hot"(Black in US), Blue is Neutral (White in US), and Green/Yellow is Ground (Green in US).

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24V 36W Dimmable LED Plug-and-Play Adapter with 3-Inputs
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Make sure to review product specs before purchasing LED strip. Contact-Us for assistance with product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST | Sales@bluegateinc.com

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