8ft | LVLBP34 Linear Pendant Direct/Indirect LED Fixture

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/ Description

Use our 8ft LVLBP34 is a high-output linear direct and indirect light fixture. It features an "Up" (indirect) light which is used to illuminate the space over the pendant mounted fixture. Direct/Indirect Lighting is recommended for use in areas with tall ceilings (over 10ft) and spaces where the ceiling is painted white (to maximize the amount of light reflected back down into the space). Our 8ft LVLBP34 is available in (3) standard color temperatures, and can be configured in a range of different direct/indirect light distributions.


  • Build: Anodized high-quality aluminum construction.

  • Customization: Can be customized to meet almost any desired look or design (MOQ may apply).

  • Continuous Runs: Can be installed as single unit, or combined with multiple fixtures to create endless runs of linear lighting.

  • Dimming: Standard 0-10V Dimmable (Requires extra wires for dimming).

  • Lifetime: 70,000+ Hours

  • Warranty: Guaranteed by our 5-Year Warranty

  • American Made: Designed, built, and shipped out of our Miami, FL facility.

  • Quick Turnaround! Typically ships out in 7-10 days.

  • Emergency Lighting EM Back-Up available upon request

  • UL Listed: Can be specified on any commercial project!

Quick Specs


8ft (90" actual)


3 Inch (Aperture of light)


4 Inch

Input Voltage


Lumen Output

Direct/Indirect: 9,856 Down, 4,244 Up
Indirect/Direct: 4,244 Down, 9,856 Up
/50: 7,040 Down, 7,040 Up (Lumens)


125 Watts

Color Rendering

80+, 90+ (Available)


Suspended (Pendant)

Fixture Type

Indirect Linear Up/Down Light


Our LVLBP34 is available in standard lengths of 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, but can be made to custom sizes upon request. Multiple Fixtures can be connected to create un-interrupted, seamless, continuous runs of light. They can also be configured to make rectangles, squares, octagons, and more! Request a Quote for your custom size or shape linear lighting project.


Our LVLBP34 is available in an attractive Satin Aluminum Finish. Custom Finishes are available upon request and may be subject to longer lead times and minimum order amounts.

Light Color

Our 8ft LVLBP34 light fixture comes with a standard color rendering index value (CRI) over 80, CRI>90 is available upon request. It is conveniently available in three standard color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. Custom color temperatures are available upon request (MOQ may apply).

Mounting Options

Our 8ft LVLBP34 light fixture can be suspended from any ceiling type using the provided mounting kits, suitable to your application [Make Selection before Adding to Cart]. Our suspended light fixtures come with 8ft of aircraft cable, which can be adjusted to any height using the adjustable cable-grippers. Contact-Us for custom mounting configurations or longer suspension cables. View our mounting type selection guide here.

6ft | 3In x 3In | 880 lumens/foot | Suspension Pendant Mounted Linear LED Fixture | Up-Light | Down-Light
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/Product Specs


Make sure to review product specs before purchasing Controller and Receivers. Contact-Us for assistance with more product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST | Sales@bluegateinc.com

Model # LVLBP34-90
Manufacturer GlowbackLED™
Dimensions 90" long x 3" wide x 4" high
Lamp Source LED
Input Voltage 120VAC -277VAC
Power Consumption 125 Watts
Efficiency 110 lumens/Watt
Lumen Output Direct/Indirect: 9,856 Down, 4,244 Up
Indirect/Direct: 4,244 Down, 9,856 Up
/50: 7,040 Down, 7,040 Up (Lumens)
Power Cord 8ft | 18-5 | 120-277VAC Input
Hot, Neutral, Ground, Dim+, Dim-
Power System Integral LED Driver
Light Distribution Direct/Indirect: (70% Down / 30% Up)
Indirect/Direct: (30% Down / 70% Up)
50/50: (50% Up, 50% Down)
Color Rendering CRI > 80 | CRI> 90 Available
Color Temperature 3000K (Warm)
4000K (Natural White)
5000K (Bright White)
Mount Type Suspension Mounting

Non-Dimmable: Switch on or off
0-10V: Dim to 1%
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime 70,000 hours.
Mount Type:
Pendant (Suspended) Mount
Input Voltage:
Available Finishes:
Satin Aluminum
Light Aperture Width:
2 Inch
Light Distribution:
Up/Down Light (Indirect/Direct)
0-10V Dimmable
General Lighting
Fixture Look:
Large and Bold Design
Emergency Lighting:
EM Battery Capable
Spec Sheet:
Installation Instruction:
Fixture Length:
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