Low-Voltage, Slim, Recessed Linear

Our Low-Voltage Slim and Compact Recessed Linear LED fixtures span a wide range of recessed lighting options that are suitable for decorative, ambient, and task (shelf) lighting applications. These "LED Bars" are slim and compact, allowing one to recess them into drywall without requiring extra clearance behind the light fixture. The drawback to this design is that the fixtures are only suitable for decorative or ambient lighting applications, which means that they generally aren't suitable to act as the sole light source in a room or space. Our recessed fixtures with a flange/trim are excellent solutions for closets, kitchens, cabinets, shelving, and wall units. Our slim trim-less options ("Plaster-In") can be recessed in drywall and finished (mud over) to only reveal the light. All of our slim and compact recessed low-votlage linear lighting options are built to your custom sizes (enter size before adding to cart) and can be customized to meet almost any recessed lighting look. Need help with product selection?

  • Flange Hides Surface Imperfections
  • Excellent for Cabinets, Shelving, and Task Lighting
  • Slimmest Option!
  • Continuous, DOT-FREE Recessed Linear Lighting
  • Use in Drywall or Cabinets, Shelving, Etc
  • Flange easily hides imperfections
  • 1 Inch Shallow Recessed Lighting
  • Attractive Solution for Shelving, Wall Units, and Display Cases
  • Wide and shallow design only requires 0.32" clearance
  • 1 Inch and DOTLESS Recessed Linear Lighting
  • Delivers 230 lumens/ft
  • Recess in 1/2 or 5/8 Drywall (Ambient lighting only)
  • Trim-less "Plaster In" 1/2 Inch Recessed Lighting
  • Create attractive patterns in wall (Custom)
  • Recess in 1/2 or 5/8 Drywall with no modification to framing
  • "Plaster-In" 1 Inch Wide Trim-Less Recessed Lighting
  • DOT-Free, Continuous lines of Ambient or Decorative Lighting
  • Most Popular Compact Trimless!