Extra End-Cap Pair for Aluminum Profile J for LED Strips

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Use this extra pair of end-caps with our Aluminum Profile J For LED Strips. Extra pairs come with (1) closed end-cap and (1) power-feed end-cap with a hole to pass a wire.


  • Pair with LED Strip Channel J to make LED lights to your desired size

  • Conveniently sold in pairs

  • Create your own long-lasting LED strip lighting using these top-quality components

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LED Aluminum Channel J




One pair of endcaps:

(1) Power-Feed Endcap

(1) Closed Endcap


Cut your LED strip channel to size using a miter saw. Consider the thickness of the end-cap before cutting so that your finished size with end-caps is not slightly larger than your target size for the LED strip lights. We recommend cutting the LED strip channel with the lens installed, with the lens facing down. Use a new fine tooth blade designed to cut aluminum LED channels. Lastly, cut your LED strip to size and solder a wire onto the LED strip at the copper soldering points. Pass the wire from the LED strip through the hole in the power-feed endcap and install the LED strip inside of the LED channel. Install the lens and lastly install both end-caps to complete.

Extra pair of end caps for LED Strip Aluminum Channel J
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