6-8ft | 1/2 Inch Decorative Trimless Recess "DT1"

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Our 6-8ft LEDBARIIDT1 is a custom made sleek and modern 1/2 Inch wide trim-less ("Mud Over") recessed LED light for decorative and ambient lighting purposes built any custom size from 48 to 96 Inch (94 inches for Free Shipping eligibility). It only requires 7/16 Inch recessed depth making it suitable for installation in 1/2 or 5/8 drywall. Our 6-8ft LEDBARIIDT1 features a plaster "flange" allowing one to finish ("mud up") right to the aperture (lens) of the linear lighting. When finished, only the aperture of the light is revealed. Because of our 5-6ft LEDBARIIDT1's slim recessed depth, it is only capable of delivering 175 lumens/ft making it only suitable for decorative or ambient lighting applications. Use our 6-8ft LEDBARDT1 to add sleek and bold lines of light in any space such as homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and more. View Spec Sheet Here!


  • Compact Size: Only requires 7/16 inch of depth.

  • Customization: Made to any size for a high-end, custom look.

  • Dimming: Dimmable with Dimmable Power Supply

  • Lifetime: 50,000+ Hours

  • Warranty: Guaranteed by our 5-Year Warranty

  • Quick Turnaround! Typically ships out in 7-10 days

  • UL Listed: Can be specified on any commercial project!

Quick Specs


Custom Range: 72 Inch - 96 Inch


0.42 Inch (Aperture of light)


0.4375 Inch (Recessed Depth)

Input Voltage

24VDC (Standard), 12VDC Available

Lumen Output

1,400 Lumens (175 Lumens/ft)


20 Watts (2.5 Watts/ft)

Color Rendering

90+, 95+ (Available)


Recessed (1/2 or 5/8" Drywall)

Fixture Type

Low-Voltage Recessed (Ambient Light)


Our 6-8ft LEDBARIIDT1 is available in standard lengths of 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, but can be made to custom sizes upon request. Multiple Fixtures can be connected to create un-interrupted, seamless, continuous runs of light. They can also be configured to make rectangles, squares, octagons, and more! Request a Quote for your custom size or shape linear lighting project.

Light Color

Our 6-8ft LEDBARIIDT1 light fixture comes with a standard color rendering index value (CRI) over 80, CRI>90 is available upon request. It is conveniently available in three standard color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K, but can also be ordered in 2200K and 2700K. Custom color temperatures are available upon request (MOQ may apply).

Mounting Options

Our 6-8ft LEDBARIIDT1 light fixture can easily be recessed into any drywall or solid ceiling type that allows for a 1.3 Inch tall (~ 0.8 Inch Clearance) recessed light fixture. Our LEDBARIIDT1 features an integrated plaster-bead which allows you to "mud up" or "plaster finish" up to the aperture of the light. For the best effect, we recommend either installing on new drywall, or creating a "rebate" or notch in previously finished drywall for the cleanest lool. Framing is required on both sides of the opening for the fixture, the fixture is screwed in place through the intregrated plaster bead and into the framing. The framing does not need to run full lenght, but having it span the full length of the fixture or run makes the installation simpler. Refer to our Mounting Instructions for more information.

Power Supply Options

These Linear LED Fixtures require a remote power supply to operate. In many cases, multiple linear LED fixtures can be connected to a single power supply. We have power supplies available in Standard Dimmable (TRIAC/Phase), 0-10V Dimmable (requires wires for dimming), or non-dimmable (on/off) configurations. We also have power supplies pre-configured with connectors for plug and play installations.

Up to 2ft (72-96") LEDBARIIDT1, 1/2 Compact Recessed Linear LED Lighting
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/Product Specs


Make sure to review product specs before purchasing Controller and Receivers. Contact-Us for assistance with more product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST | Sales@bluegateinc.com

Model # LEDBARIIDT1-96
Manufacturer GlowbackLED®
Dimensions 72 Inch - 96 Inch long x 1 Inch wide x 0.28 Inch high
Lamp Source LED
Listings UL-Listed
Power Consumption 20 Watts (2.5 Watts/ft)
Input Voltage 24VDC (Standard), 12VDC (Available)
Efficiency 70 lumens/Watt
Lumen Output 1,400 lumens (175 lumens/foot)
Power Connection 8ft Cord with Connectors
Power System Remote Power Supply
Light Distribution Direct Light Distribution
Color Rendering CRI > 80 | CRI> 90 Available
Color Temperature 2200K (Extra/Amber Warm)
2700K (Incandescent Warm)
3000K (Warm White)
4000K (Natural White)
6000K (Bright White)
Mount Type Recess Mount to Drywall, Wood, or Solid Surfaces
Adhesive: Flush mount using all purpose adhesive
Double-Side Tape: ONLY USE VHB Double-Sided Tape.

Remote Driver 0-10V: Dim to 1% (New Construction/Recommended)
MLV Dimmable: Remodel (No additional wires)
Non-Dimmable: Switch On/Off
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime 70,000 hours.
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